Warszawa, Polska

Once described by a friend as the Berlin’s cool weird uncle, Warsaw is not to be missed when visiting Poland. Unless you aren’t into trendy cities with great food and lots of history. Unlike in many European cities, the Old Town is Warsaw’s least exceptional area. Visit briefly to get a sense of this historic area—the… Continue reading Warszawa, Polska

Kraków, Polska

While it isn’t Paris, Kraków is a perfect small, European city to enjoy charming architecture, thousands of years of history, and delicious food. Plus, despite being the second most populous city in Poland, tourists can quickly familiarize themselves with the city’s small Old Town and nearby Jewish Quarters, two major destinations when visiting. Ideally, visit… Continue reading Kraków, Polska

Gdańsk, Polska

Pronounced G’dine sk. Say it quick. The Baltic Sea does not stack up to the Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, or probably pretty much any sea that you want to go swimming in. But that’s okay. Despite being a seaside resort town, Gdańsk’s charm lies almost completely in its cultural institutions. The small, historic (by… Continue reading Gdańsk, Polska